Best Exercises for Weight Loss

To attain the desired body shape and size, you should shed some extra pounds. Most people face the challenge of maintaining their weight due to the foods they take and also lack of exercise. Some exercises can assist you in losing weight, although some require special diets for positive results to show up. Most people consider doing simple cardio workouts regularly to build strength and stamina and at the same time losing weight. However, the amount of exercise required for weight loss depends on one’s personal goals and the intensity level of the exercise. Failure to control what you eat and the number of calories that go into your body, a lot of effort will be required to see positive weight loss results. Below are some best exercises for weight loss:

  1. Rope jumping

This exercise might seem too basic although it actually works well if you need to lose extra pounds. Studies have proved that jumping a rope for 30 minutes can result in burning up to 3 18 calories. Rope jumping is among the leading full-body workouts. Depending on your ability to jump, you can select the number of jumps you want to make and stick to it. The more jumps you make, the better the benefits. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your cardiovascular health as well as coordination, consider rope jumping since it’s also risky in terms of injuries.

  1. Walking

Walking is a lower intensity type of exercise that has almost similar benefits as running. While walking, you’ll burn fewer calories meaning that depending on your goals, a longer walk duration might be essential. Most people who can’t run due to various reasons find it easy to exercise through walking in different environments such as at the park, streets, along the sea, and playing fields. In most cases, walking in a pleasant environment increases motivation and energy to exercise. For those looking for a great starting point for exercising, they can start with walking and continue to more intensive workouts. Walking not only helps in weight loss but also improves sleep and emotional well-being.

  1. Running

This is a great cardiovascular exercise that makes both the heart and lungs work extra hard. This, therefore, results in the body burning the excess fats stores in fat cells. Provided that the body burns more calories than your take, you’ll start losing weight. This means that patience is required since weight loss isn’t an overnight affair. You can run everywhere you want provided that you don’t interfere with other people’s activities. You only require sneakers and a piece of training clothes. The distance and time required for running will depend on your fitness goals. However, experts recommend longer running distances to increase the benefits.
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  1. Cycling

This form of exercise has an intensity that’s higher than walking and lower than running. You can choose to cycle a moving or stationary bike. When you choose to use a stationary bike, the intensity of cycling and resistance can be easily changed unlike in outdoor cycling where the intensity can be increased through quick pedaling. If you’re on a budget and you need a bike to exercise, look for the cheap bikes online and place your order. You can also make bike riding a daily routine, especially when going to work. This way, you’ll not only be saving on fare but you’ll be exercising.

  1. Swimming

This is a good exercise with a low risk of getting injured. Regardless of your age, you can exercise through swimming during your leisure time. This way, you’ll be burning the extra calories and thus staying fit. If there’s no nearby water body, you can visit facilities with swimming pools, pay a small fee and start swimming. The benefits you’ll get from swimming can’t be underestimated.

  1. Resistance exercise

These are forms of exercises that involve weight training. Some people prefer combining resistance and cardio exercises to increase the size and density of their body muscles. Resistance exercises also have a great impact on improving the resting metabolic rate.

In conclusion, these are some best exercises for weight loss. Others include high-intensity interval training, strength training, spinning, rowing, and kickboxing. However, weight loss is usually affected by some factors which include diet, age, sleep, and genetics among others.