Hot Wax

Sometimes referred to as hard wax, the hot wax is applied in a substanttially thick layer, ensuring a thorough coating of each hair. As it cools, the wax hardens and then it is easily removed taking the wax with it.

This type of waxing is especially beneficial to people with more sensitive skin as it is less painful than strip wax

Strip Wax

The warmed wax is spread thinly and evenly over the skin’s surface to which a cloth or paper strip is then pressed on top. This is then ripped off in a quick movement against the direction of the hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair.


Threading is an age old method of hair removal involving natural cotton thread twisted in a particular way, which is then moved with immense accuracy, resulting in the full strand of hair being picked up by its roots leaving a super smooth and defined finish. Before your treatment the therapist will go through the best options and eyebrow shapes that will compliment and accentuate your face


Full Leg £22
Half Leg £16
Bikini £12
Brazilian £20
Hollywood £25
Full Arm £18
Half Arm £14
Lip £6
Chin £6
Lip and Chin £10
Eyebrow £7
Full Leg and Simple Bikini Lines £30
Full Leg and Brazilian £40
Full Leg and Hollywood £44


Eyelashes £10 
Eyebrows £8 
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint £16   Eyelash, Eyebrow tint and shape £22


Chest £16 
Back £20
Underarm £14 
Full Leg £25 
Half Leg £18 
Chest and Back £29 
Chest, Back and Underarm £40 
Full wax £85


Eyebrows £5
Upper Lip £5
Eyebrows and Upper lip £8        Chin £5
Sides £5                                    
Full Face £20

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